Rep. Bill Jenkin urges Gov. Inslee to work with local governments to restart the economy

Rep. Bill Jenkin, R-Prosser, released the following statement in regards to Gov. Jay Inslee’s recent actions to partially reopen residential construction, and open recreational fishing, golf courses, and some state parks. He is urging the governor to take things a step further and allow small businesses to begin opening their doors. He believes it’s time to restart Washington state’s economy.

“It’s time for Washington state to reopen for business safely. The recent steps taken by Gov. Jay Inslee are a good start.

“Opening certain areas of residential construction, along with recreational fishing, golf courses, and other outdoor activities will help our state. However, there is so much more that needs to be done to get our state back on track.

“Small businesses are suffering immensely. Many of them will never recover if these restrictions remain in place for much longer.

“I urge, you, Gov. Inslee, to empower the 39 counties in our state, to recognize the autonomy inherent to these counties, and assist them in their endeavor to restart their economies.

“Restarting our economy is not a one-size-fits-all approach as each county has a differing set of circumstances. We should not intimidate the governing bodies closest to the people. Counties can serve their constituents best without threats of legal action.

“I call on you, Gov. Inslee, to work with local governments to move us out of this current situation. It’s time to move our communities forward and get Washington state back to work.”


Washington State House Republican Communications