Jenkin bill supporting safer emergency and work zones approved by House

A bill modifying current provisions relating to how drivers approach emergency and work zone vehicles was unanimously approved by the state House of Representatives. 16th District Rep. Bill Jenkin sponsored the measure.

“People working on our roadways are continually placed in harm’s way. Often, they are forced to jump out of the way of vehicles driving too fast around them,” said Jenkin, R-Prosser. “Firefighters, law enforcement officers and tow truck drivers have been killed working on the side of our roadways. My bill is a common-sense solution intended to save lives.”

House Bill 1469 would require drivers passing an emergency or work zone vehicle to reduce their speed, change lanes and move away from the vehicle. Drivers would need to reduce their speed to at least 10 miles-per-hour below the posted speed limit if changing lanes, or moving away from the vehicle, is unsafe.

“This bill was initially brought to my attention by some of my local tow truck drivers. They wanted to know if there was anything that could be done to get drivers to slow down when approaching them on our roadways, similar to what drivers are supposed to do for first responders,” continued Jenkin. “We all know the importance of slowing down when we approach an emergency vehicle on the side of the road, or drive through a construction work zone. Tow truck drivers deserve the same standard. My bill is about safety, bringing awareness to an increasing problem and saving lives.”

Jenkin’s bill now moves to the Senate Transportation Committee for further consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications