Rep. Bill Jenkin introduces resolution recognizing Dr. Ray Tolcacher

Recently, the state House of Representatives adopted Rep. Bill Jenkin’s House Resolution 4656 recognizing Dr. Ray Tolcacher of the Prosser School District.

“Alongside my seatmate, Rep. Terry Nealey of Dayton, and my colleagues from the Eighth Legislative District, I had the distinct honor of recognizing a great man and friend, Dr. Ray Tolcacher,” said Jenkin, R-Prosser. “Ray is one of those highly regarded people in life that no matter how long you’ve known him, you wish he came into your life sooner than he did. He’s an inspiration. I appreciate his leadership on behalf of our students, teachers, and school districts throughout his career.”

Dr. Ray Tolcacher served as president of the Association of California School Administrators, the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the U.S. He has held several leadership roles around Washington state, including president of the southeast Washington Association of School Administrators Region 123, three-time president of the Employee Relations and Negotiations Network, and a member of the Washington Association of School Administrators School Information Research Cooperative Board. He was also the 2016-17 Washington State Administrator of the Year. Further recognition for Dr. Tolcacher can be attributed to his work and advocacy on levy equalization, saving many school districts from financial hardship.

“Education policy is part of the foundation of the work we do in Olympia. We’ve made historic investments in K-12 education,” continued Jenkin. “It only seems fitting to recognize and honor a visionary leader who has spent his life’s work advocating for students and teachers throughout our state.”

(photo caption from left to right: Rep. Terry Nealey, Dr. Ray Tolcacher and his wife, Rep. Bill Jenkin, Rep. Brad Klippert, and Rep. Larry Haler)


Washington State House Republican Communications