Rep. Bill Jenkin returns to Olympia after heart surgery

Rep. Bill Jenkin, R-Prosser, has returned to do the people’s work in Olympia, following a heart attack he suffered on Jan. 25.

“Having a heart attack was a life-changing event. But let me tell you, it sure is nice to be back to work here in Olympia, proudly representing the people of the 16th District,” said Jenkin. “I want to thank my colleagues who stepped up to the plate to cover my committee assignments, provide testimony on my bills, and assist in my caucus duties while I was away. I also want to thank everyone for their continued support, prayers and well wishes.”

Jenkin has resumed his leadership role as the ranking Republican on the House Housing, Community Development and Veterans Committee. He also resumes service on the House Capital Budget and Commerce and Gaming committees.

“This is a pivotal time for me to return to Olympia,” continued Jenkin. “Our committee work is in full swing. It’s policy cutoff time. Any bill that hasn’t been approved by its respective policy committee will be considered ‘dead.’ The bills that have a financial impact on the state’s budget have another week or so to be heard and voted on their fiscal committees. It’s extremely busy right now. There are some good policies being heard, and there are some bad ones. It’s imperative that I’m here to vote on these policies to ensure the bills moving forward benefit the people of our state.”

The Legislature is scheduled to adjourn the 105-day session on April 28.


Washington State House Republican Communications