Rep. Bill Jenkin selected to serve on the Washington Hyogo Friendship Association

Rep. Bill Jenkin, R-Prosser, was recently selected to serve on the Hyogo Friendship Association. An official invitation from the Speaker of the House of Representatives confirmed his appointment.

“It’s important to keep our international relationships strong, especially with Japan,” said Jenkin. “They are a huge international trade partner and tourism advocate for our wine industry. Japan is one of the top three foreign countries where Washington wines are regularly exported. As a winery owner, I value our Hyogo relationship and am honored to have the opportunity to be a member on this council.”

The State of Washington, and Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, have been sister states for over 30 years. This cordial relationship aids in international trade and tourism, as well as cultural exchanges, between Washington and Japan. The members of the Hyogo Prefecture Assembly, their state legislature, formed a Japan-America friendship league to foster “friendship exchanges” with the state of Washington.

In 1994, the Washington State Legislature formed a reciprocal association to continue the friendship exchange with Hyogo. The Hyogo Friendship Association consists of eight members, two from each major party caucus of the Senate and the House, respectively.


Washington State House Republican Communications