Rep. Bill Jenkin named assistant whip for House Republicans, appointed to three House Committees

Rep. Bill Jenkin, R-Prosser, has been appointed to serve as the assistant whip during the 2017 legislative session for the House Republican Caucus. The promotion for the first-term legislator comes from leadership within the caucus.

The announcement came from House Republican Whip Rep. Dave Hayes, whom Jenkin will assist in his new role. Jenkin’s duties will include helping to ensure members of the caucus attend floor session when important legislation is being heard in the House of Representatives and assisting in caucus meetings to help maintain protocol.

“I’m tremendously honored to serve the caucus in this position during my first legislative session,” said Jenkin. “We’ll have some very important bills in front of us this year. I consider it a great privilege to help organize our work so we can look at each issue with the care and consideration it deserves.”

Additionally, Jenkin announced his appointment to three House committees upon which he has already begun serving: Business & Financial Services, Commerce & Gaming, and Community Development, Housing, & Tribal Affairs.

The Business & Financial Services Committee considers issues that relate to business licensing, regulation and consumer protections. It also oversees the Office of the Insurance Commissioner and the Pollution Liability Insurance Agency. Jenkin noted his experiences as a winery owner and financial advisor will help him add valuable perspective to this committee.

The Commerce & Gaming Committee considers issues relating to the regulation of commerce in alcohol, tobacco and cannabis, as well as issues relating to the regulation and oversight of gaming, including tribal compacts.

“My committee appointments fit perfectly with many of the issues facing the Columbia Valley and Eastern Washington,” said Jenkin. “I’m very much looking forward to discussing the ideas that will strengthen and protect our neighborhoods, and reduce the burdens that so often suffocate the small business owners and flourishing industries in our district.”

The Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs Committee considers issues relating to veterans, tourism, disaster management, low-incoming housing, and the government-to-government relationship of the state and Indian tribes.

The 2017 legislative session will end April 23.   

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